Polyurethane Waterproofing

Resistance to UV, Chemically aggressive environments as well as resistance to aging of the cured film. 

What is polyurethane waterproofing

Polyurethane is a liquid-based Waterproofing Membrane which is highly elastic.  It is usually cold applied and cures into a membrane with excellent abrasion, chemical, thermal and UV resistance.


Liquid rubber is used for a wide range of applications ranging from waterproofing to corrosion protection.


  • Hot rolled sheeting, galvanized and asbestos sheets.
  • Concrete foundation, retaining walls, showers, balconies, ponds, reservoirs, planters, parking decks and roof slabs.
  • Corrosion protection of metal.
  • Wastewater and sewage pipe protection.

Typical Properties

  • Wet applied
  • Elongation; after 1000 hours achieves 137%
  • Contains No environment damaging VOC’s
  • 1.2 mm film thickness exceded 8 bar pressure

Physical Properties

  • Tensile strength (MPA) = 1.8
  • Elongation at break (%) = 425
  • Angle tear (KN/M) = 13.6

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